Being charged with a crime or other traffic offense can be a distressing and confusing process. You should feel that the attorney you choose has the knowledge, skills, and experience to represent your interests in and outside of court. I strive to communicate effectively with my clients, to represent their best interests, and provide excellent representation at an affordable price.

The fees I charge are structured in two ways: flat fees, also known as fixed fees, and hourly.

Most traffic cases will be charged a flat fee. While the fee is fixed for each case, the flat fee can be different depending on the type of offense or offenses with which a person is charged, along with the location of the court in which the offenses are filed. Contested infraction cases typically fall into the flat fee category.

In a small number of cases, I charge fees by the hour. These cases often require representation that lasts longer than in flat fee cases because the issues are more complex. Hourly cases include RALJ and other appeals, special proceedings, and formal habitual traffic offender hearings.

My office accepts payment by cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.