Review for Jon Zimmerman.

Jon was a terrific lawyer. He responded immediately to me and assured me that he could help me with my traffic violation. He did a great job in court, winning my case and getting the violation dismissed. I would hire him again without hesitation.

DaphneSeattle, WA

Extremely Well Represented!

I was issued a speeding ticket, accused of racing (which was absolutely not happening) and felt unfairly treated by the officer who pulled me over (in my opinion he took his authority too far). 

Jon was able to take care of the entire case and I didn't even have to attend court, which was a big deal because it would have been extremely difficult to miss work. 

Jon got the ticket dismissed entirely. No fines. No probationary period, nothing. Jon was able to get the judge to see beyond the officer's word and understand what was actually happening as I was driving. Amazing. 

Jon did a great job of keeping me in the loop so I knew what was going on and didn't have to worry about a thing. 

I hope never to need it, but I would absolutely use Jon's services again!

JaredSeattle, WA

Fantastic attorney and a great guy, too.

Jon helped me with my traffic case recently. With Jon's help, the ticket was dismissed and a "Not Committed" finding was entered. Jon kept me informed of hearing dates and met me promptly at the court. His demeanor in front of the commissioner was polite but authoritative. I was very impressed with Jon's work. I would recommend him for anyone facing traffic cases.

HeatherSeattle, WA

Speeding Ticket Guru

Jon kept me informed and went to creative lengths to ensure my ticket was dismissed. This man is the best traffic lawyer in any language.

JoelSeattle, WA

Competent, confident, effective, professional traffic attorney.

This is the first time I have hired Jon, but it was immediately evident that he knew what he was doing. I didn't have to do any work myself, nor did I need to appear in court, but he got a ticket off my insurance record. Highly recommended.

DavidSeattle, WA