CDL Logbook and Scales Violation



Having a commercial driver license (CDL) is an item of great value, but it also comes with numerous responsibilities and restrictions.

In the State of Washington and other states, commercial driver license holders are treated differently than non-commercial drivers. For example, commercial drivers have narrower options to resolve traffic offenses in court; commercial drivers are subject to numerous federal as well as state requirements; and commercial drivers are subjected to penalties that affect their employment even when CDL drivers are using their own personal vehicles.

Often, truck drivers and other CDL holders ignore traffic tickets and other traffic offenses. Unfortunately, ignoring traffic tickets and other offenses can result in the loss of employment, higher insurance premiums, and potential loss of a CDL and related endorsements.

CDL Log Book Violations

In Washington State, the Washington State Patrol conducts routine vehicle inspections for commercial drivers, as authorized by RCW 46.32.010. Commercial drivers are also subject to the Uniform Commercial Driver’s License Act, as adopted in Washington by RCW 46.25.001. Log book violations are frequent and associated penalties are high.

Scales Violations

Violations for exceeding gross weight limits can be particularly unpleasant. Frequently, drivers are issued tickets that can range in the tens of thousands of dollars. Drivers often do not load the trucks they drive. Transport companies can also be held liable for overweight violations. These offenses are not always warranted, and an attorney can help to save drivers and their companies time and money in challenging violations for these offenses.


Commercial drivers work long hours under severe restrictions. We help commercial drivers and their companies to do what they do best—deliver goods and people on time—while saving these drivers and their employers time and money.

Contacting an attorney for assistance at the earliest possible time is critical in helping to solve traffic offense problems that occur with CDL holders.

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