Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle/Right of Way

Emergency Vehicle

Failure to Yield to an Emergency Vehicle/Right of Way

In Washington State, one of the most misunderstood offenses is that of RCW 46.61.212, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.

In addition to coming with a $1,062 penalty that affects a driver’s insurance and driving privilege, failing to yield to an emergency vehicle is a moving offense that the police issue with some frequency. Sometimes, the police use this offense to punish drivers who might have committed another violation. It’s not so uncommon for the police to issue the ticket for conduct that really does not amount to failing to yield to an emergency vehicle.

While failing to yield to an emergency vehicle can be issued in certain situations involving specific types of vehicles, almost any driver can be cited for failing to yield the right of way. This offense often happens when a driver is involved in a collision, and this offense is also a moving violation.


Whether your ticket was the result of a collision or whether you were issued a ticket for failing to yield without a collision, an experienced attorney who has dealt with rules of the road violations for failing to yield can assist you in trying to keep these offenses off your driving record. Failing to yield to an emergency vehicle or other type of vehicle can affect employment, insurance, and the driving privilege. A qualified attorney can help evaluate your case and in many cases can work to achieve a desirable outcome.

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