Non-Traffic Offenses

Non-Traffic Offenses

Non-Traffic Offenses

In Washington State, non-traffic offenses can be anything from misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, and felonies that are not under the criminal or traffic codes, as well as non-traffic civil infractions.


A non-traffic civil infraction is a civil violation of law punishable by a fine but not by jail time.

What are some examples of civil traffic infractions and how do my rights differ from traffic infractions?

Civil traffic infractions could involve animal offenses, building and fire code violations, liquor control board violations, alcohol violations in a park, and even unlawful picnicking.

While everyone issued a civil, non-traffic infraction can challenge the infraction, the rules and procedures for challenging civil non-traffic infractions have some distinct differences to traffic infractions.

For example, sometimes challenges to certain infractions occur with an administrative agency as opposed to going to court. Also, the penalties for not responding to a non-traffic ticket is different than a traffic ticket. The penalty for not responding to many traffic tickets can be added fines and the suspension of the driving privilege; however, a person who fails to respond to a non-traffic notice of civil infraction can be criminally charged.


Non-traffic offenses can affect people’s rights in their pets, their property, and their livelihood. The Law Offices of Jon M. Zimmerman accepts clients with non-traffic civil offenses and the office strives to protect and defend the traffic as well as the non-traffic interests of our clients.

The Law Offices of Jon M. Zimmerman have extensive experience dealing with administrative agencies in the State of Washington and civil non-traffic offenses.

We typically decline most non-traffic criminal matters though we are happy to provide referrals to an appropriate attorney for these matters.

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