Stop Sign and Other Sign Violations

stop sign

Stop Sign and Other Sign Violations

Some of the more common rules of the road violations in Washington State are stop sign and other types of manual traffic control device violations. Manual traffic control devices are objects such as signs in or upon a roadway that direct traffic. Devices can include stop lights, emergency barricades, turn signs, and other signs that direct drivers to do or refrain from doing a particular activity in traffic. No turn on red, no left turn, no U-turn, and no lane change, are all examples of different signs a driver might see on the road in Washington State when driving through a city or unincorporated area.

Unless a person was issued a ticket as a result of enforcement through an automated traffic camera, stop sign and yield offenses under RCW 46.61.190 and other manual traffic control device offenses are moving violations that affect a driver’s insurance and the driving privilege. Sometimes drivers get tickets as a result of a traffic accident or other collision; other times no collision is involved.


An attorney experienced in dealing with rules of the road infractions in Washington State can mean the difference between a clean record and one that can cost a driver their driving privilege as well as more money paid to insurance carriers. An attorney experienced in dealing with courts that hear these types of offenses can help drivers to challenge these offenses in court and create opportunities to keep insurance low and driving records clean.

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