Vehicular Equipment Violations

vehicle equipment failure

Vehicular Equipment Violations

Tickets for defective equipment under RCW 46 are very common in Washington State. In fact, one of the most common reasons drivers get stopped by the police is for a broken headlight or brake light. In addition, sometimes there is other equipment that is problematic: a modified exhaust, tinted windows that are too dark, or a vehicle with a defective windshield.

Most of the time the Department of Licensing treats equipment violations as moving offenses. Unfortunately, repairing the issue that gives rise to the ticket is not enough to get rid of the ticket. The driver still has to fight the ticket if the driver wants to try to keep the ticket off his or her driving record.

Defective equipment violations can affect a person’s insurance premiums, as insurers often feel that drivers who use cars with defects have a greater likelihood causing harm to others.


Whatever the reason may be, whether a ticket was issued because a person had knowledge or did not have knowledge of defective equipment, an experienced traffic attorney can help to fight a defective equipment infraction in court. Defective equipment violations do not just affect bus, taxi, and truck drivers; rather, offenses for defective equipment can affect any driver at any time.

A qualified attorney can help evaluate your case and in many cases can work to achieve a desirable outcome.

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