DOL Hearings

DOL Hearings


In Washington State, different driver license suspensions trigger different rights for a driver. Some suspensions trigger a warning before the Department of Licensing even decides to suspend a license; other suspensions are required by law without much warning, and the DOL is acting as the agency that enforces that law by carrying out the suspension.

In all these cases, the licensed driver has certain rights. The most basic right is to be given notice of a suspension and what can be done to avoid it. In some cases a driver is entitled to a hearing. Hearings are conducted by telephone and in person, but the type of hearing varies depending on the reason for the suspension. In other cases, drivers are only entitled to a review of relevant documents. In both types of situations, a driver is allowed to hire an attorney. Because administrative action with the DOL is civil, there is no right to an attorney at public expense.


An attorney experienced in dealing with the DOL can review the type of suspension, determine what rights are available to a driver, and come up with an action plan to avoid suspension or reinstate a license.

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