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Nov 23

Jon Zimmerman

"Here's a Traffic Ticket. Please drive more safely next time." These are every driver's least favorite words to hear. Perhaps you were speeding, failed to signal, or were traveling alone in a high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane, or perhaps you were doing nothing unusual yet caught the attention of a law enforcement officer. After you've received your traffic ticket and even paid the fine, the real damage to your wallet isn't done. The long-term impact can include employment and driving privilege issues, and for most people a sharp increase in car insurance premiums. Quite often after you have received even just one ticket, you will see an increase in your premiums for several years. But how much will it cost? read more

Nov 17

Jon Zimmerman

"Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over"? How you handle this question can mean the difference between simplicity and complexity, or the difference between a momentary detour and a monumental, prolonged detention. Notice that I said "handle" the question - you are under no obligation to answer it. Most drivers cannot read the minds of law enforcement. read more