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Feb 01

Jon Zimmerman

From Seattle to Spokane, a speeding ticket is one of the most common reasons citizens have an interaction with a court. Failing to properly deal with a speeding ticket can result in increased insurance premiums, a loss of employment, and even a loss of one's privilege to drive. read more

Nov 17

Jon Zimmerman

"Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over"? How you handle this question can mean the difference between simplicity and complexity, or the difference between a momentary detour and a monumental, prolonged detention. Notice that I said "handle" the question - you are under no obligation to answer it. Most drivers cannot read the minds of law enforcement. read more

Feb 27

Jon Zimmerman

Every week in the State of Washington, the Department of Licensing (DOL) has a computer that read more

Feb 20

Blair Russ

Washington Supreme Court Creates the "Mixed-Motive Traffic Stop" read more

Jun 30

Jon Zimmerman

Around this time every year, visitors to Seattle often tell me how much they love the area, the read more