Jun 28

Jon Zimmerman

Tacoma Suburb of Fircrest Issues Record Number of Traffic Tickets

by Jon Zimmerman

As local suburbs become strapped for cash, police are issuing more traffic tickets, especially speeding tickets. Take Fircrest, for example. Fircrest is a 1.5-square-mile Tacoma suburb of approximately 6,000 people situated between Tacoma and University Place. Unfortunately for drivers, Fircrest's elected officials are supportive of an increase in traffic citations. According to the Tacoma News Tribune, police issued a record number of traffic citations - upwards of 3,400 - from 2005 to 2006. Criminal citations are up a whopping 90 percent in the same time period! Officers, such as Police Chief John Cheesman (yes, that's really his name), are supported by $47,000 in overtime pay so that they may continue their extra patrols. Yes, officers are actually paid extra money to issue traffic tickets. Chief Cheesman recommends that speeders need to "slow down or go around" Fircrest. Apparently he is not very business-friendly and will not be heading Fircrest's Chamber of Commerce any time soon. Fircrest Mayor David Viafore is also "extremely proud" of the patrol program. If you have been one of the unfortunate recipients of a speeding ticket or other traffic citation in Fircrest, give me a call, I can help.


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