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Other Traffic


While this website covers speeding, HOV, failure to yield, and a few of the dozens of traffic offenses that a driver can be issued in the State of Washington, there are a few things that drivers would do well to keep in mind. When evaluating whether to fight a ticket for a traffic offense, it is imperative to keep in mind what kind of ticket or offense with which one has been charged and what the penalties are.


Typically a moving offense is one in which a driver has to be operating a vehicle or have control over such operation in order to get a ticket. Most moving violations affect a person’s insurance and driving privilege, but there are exceptions.

With non-moving violations, these offenses can be issued if a driver was actually moving or not moving the vehicle. For example, expired tabs are expired whether a vehicle is parked or moving. Parking tickets are also non-moving violations. Most non-moving violations do not affect a person’s driving privilege and insurance, but there are exceptions.


Violations of the rules of the road are traffic offenses, whether or not the offense is a moving or non-moving offense. Drivers should not get hung up on the distinction between traffic and non-traffic offenses. Non-Traffic Offenses do not mean non-moving; rather, non-traffic offenses typically have to do with something other than the rules of the road.

With any traffic offense, the most important inquiries are to determine what all the penalties are for the offense, and what can be done about it.


While drivers and owners of vehicles cannot ignore a ticket, at the present time violations that are a result of an automated traffic camera are not treated as violations that affect a driver’s privilege to drive and the driver’s insurance. While these effects might change over time, there appears to be no movement in the Washington Legislature to treat traffic camera tickets like standard, officer-issued tickets.

The Law Offices of Jon M. Zimmerman typically do not engage in the representation of owners who have been issued traffic camera tickets except in very limited circumstances. We caution readers to be careful of law firms and others who purport to “save” clients money through actual or perceived representation in traffic camera matters.


Being arrested or being issued a traffic ticket can be a startling experience. An experienced traffic attorney can save drivers time, anxiety, and money in evaluating cases and working to achieve desired outcomes.

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