Speeding Too Fast For Conditions

speeding on wet road

Speeding Too Fast For Conditions In Washington State

In Washington State, a speeding ticket for speeding too fast for conditions is usually the result of a collision. These tickets are also known as "basic" speeding tickets. Frequently, a police officer issues such a speeding ticket weeks after a collision occurs, even if the officer states at the roadside that a ticket won't be issued. This type of offense doesn't mean a person was driving over the speed limit; rather, it is an offense given when a person operates a motor vehicle without due care, drives too fast for a special hazard on the roadway, or drives without avoiding a person, vehicle, or other object used to carry people or goods on the roadway.

The laws covering a violation of speeding too fast for conditions are codified in RCW 46.61.400 as well as several municipal codes.

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Defenses To Speeding Too Fast For Conditions

Many defenses exist to speeding when there is a hazard or collision, but the defenses vary greatly depending on many factors. Although not an exclusive list, such factors include what happened on the roadway, the location and the parties involved, and what the roadway looked like at the time of the event in question.


There are several penalties to a speeding too fast for conditions ticket. A lot of people think that the fine listed on the ticket is the worst penalty, but more severe and long-lasting is the increase in insurance premiums over several years and the marks on a driver's record. These premium increases for a traffic ticket are often in addition to the increases for the collision itself. For some drivers, speeding too fast for conditions tickets can result in the loss of employment.

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